Private detective investigators UK, Pegasus Investigations Ltd

Pegasus Investigations Ltd is a professional investigation company and our investigators are experienced in all aspects of civil and commercial investigations, formed originally as a sole trader in 1996 by the current Managing Director on his departure from the military after 15 years exemplary service and the award of the British Empire Medal for Operational service, the company has grown steadily and takes great pride in providing an invaluable service to all our current and prospective clients.

Based in Edinburgh we are able to offer a service of the highest standard that is evident from the high standard or reports and evidence produced.

We have in-house specialist skills that ordinary investigation companies normally outsource.
Having invested heavily in state of the art surveillance equipment we have also ensured that all our investigators are trained and skilled in the use of the equipment thus ensuring that the evidence we secure is recorded to the highest possible standard.

Our investigators are from professionally trained police and military backgrounds with a wealth of experience and form a close committed team.

We serve solicitors, commercial clients, local authorities, financial institutions and private individuals.

We have professional indemnity insurance cover, public liability insurance, are registered with the Information Commissioners Office Data Protection number Z9802858 and are registered with the Office of Fair Trading.

We hold membership with a number of industry bodies including:

  • The Institute of Professional Investigators
  • The United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network
  • The Institute of Explosives Engineers
  • The Institute of Leadership and Management

Services we provide, include but is not restricted to:

  • Surveillance
  • Matrimonial
  • Peace of Mind
  • General and Specialist Investigation
  • Technical Surveillance
  • Computer forensics
  • Tracing
  • Covert CCTV
  • Road Traffic Accident Enquiries

Our aim is to get results establishing the truth of the matters at issue with confidentiality and integrity paramount to us.

Our Services


Our operatives have been trained in conventional surveillance to a professional nationally approved standard by the Military or Police. This is supplemented by superior technical skills and state of the art recording and communications equipment giving us the edge in securing evidence and results.  Each operative is equipped with a variety of surveillance equipment as personal issue including high definition video cameras, covert video and audio recording devices, professional long range cameras, GPS satellite navigation and hands free encrypted communications equipment.  We also have covert vehicles capable of undertaking static surveillance while unmanned either to supplement conventional surveillance or to carry out cost effective prolonged 24 hour surveillance.  We also possess specialist covert rural video recording equipment giving us the edge in otherwise difficult to surveil situations.
We conduct surveillance for fraudulent personal injury claims, matrimonial disputes, peace of mind and employee fraud among other specialist requests.

Technical Surveillance

With specialist skills in the field and professional qualifications to back up these skills we can offer clients the highest level of covert hidden camera and audio recording devices.  We have secured equipment which is both covert and compact as well as operating in total silence to ensure the integrity of our operations.  We also have vehicle and goods tracking systems which have many dynamic capabilities and are compliant with the Information Commissioner’s office to ensure that all operations are conducted totally within the laws of the land.

General Investigation

Investigations we have conducted include fraud, theft, fraudulent fire-raising , breach of covenant, employee sickness fraud and  insurance fraud among other specialist investigations.  We conduct investigations appropriate to the circumstances following consultation with clients ensuring the best value service is provided balancing the requirements of the job with budget limitations set.  We have successfully conducted many test purchase and sting operations along with undercover operatives being deployed.  We often deploy a range of complementary skills and methods to achieve a successful outcome.

Computer forensics

With most of today’s communications being conducted electronically we have experts on hand who can conduct analysis on all forms of digital media and computers.  Analysts are trained to the same standard and using the same forensic software and methodology as the police and other government bodies.  Items which have been previously deleted from computers can be recovered often finding the smoking gun evidence our clients seek.

Specialist Investigation/Technical analysis

With in-house specialist skills we have been tasked to investigate a number of matters which have involved analysis of CCTV footage and other recoded media.  We can in some cases enhance the quality of video images and audio product and have in cases been able to assist clients with highly complex matters which have been captured on video leading to us presenting an evidence package which reflects the truth of the issue under investigation.

Tracing can involve attempting to find Absconders, Beneficiaries, Lost Friends, and Relatives. All types of trace involve us utilising various computer databases, CD roms, public records, telephone and physical enquiries where required.  Our Consumer Credit Licence allows us to access certain databases where bad debtors are involved and due to the information provided by the debtors we will hopefully locate them and if required approach them for recovery or provide there details for legal recourse.l  We have a 90% success rate and will endeavour to do all we lawfully can to obtain details of the subject to be traced, if required, the individual can be approached either in person or by the telephone to obtain relevant details.  To assist us in the trace of an individual as much information as possibly is required from, the full name, age, date of birth, physical description, last known address, last known employment, spouse or partner details, vehicle details, parents names and addresses and any other relevant information known. This enables us to provide a prompt and hopefully positive report.

Covert CCTV
A full package is available for the sighting of covert CCTV in all scenarios

Road Traffic Accident Enquiries

Currently we carry out comprehensive reporting service for major insurance companies and  obtain from instruction a full detailed road accident enquiry that includes:
• Accident description
• Locus description
• Map of Locus
• Detailed Sketch of Locus
• Full Photograph log every 25 metres with photograph description
• Sketch showing where photographs were taken from and direction
• DVD video of directions travelled and locus if requested
• Handwritten statements from witnesses
• Typed statement from witnesses
• Investigators conclusion