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How much does it cost to hire a private Investigator Scotland


Hiring an investigator may cost less than you think

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When pricing an investigation we take into account 3 main factors:

1. The number of investigator hours required*
2. The need for any specialist equipment
3. Mileage charged at £0.60 pence per mile

*Investigators hours are priced between £40 – £50 per hour (+ VAT) depending on the time of day or night.

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Each investigation is different and by calling us we can discuss exactly what you need.

Here are some details of cases we recently solved including how much they cost

Trace £175

Our client was seeking the address of an heir in a will. Our client provided names and an address but they were over 30 years ago. By utilising extensive databases that we subscribe to and by telephone and physical enquiries we were able to supply a bone fide address for the client.

Marital Surveillance, £720

Our clients was suspicious that her husband was having too many work’s nights out. We were hired to provide an account of his whereabouts throughout the month of December. Whenever the husband was out he would text his wife around 10pm telling her where he was. The wife then called us and asked us to verify the husband’s location. Our investigator was able to confirm the husband’s location on every occasion, although his amorous behaviour (caught on camera), did not meet with his wife’s approval.

Evidence of poor working practice, £1680

We were hired by a private company to ascertain the workday routines of two local authority employees. The employees were facing disciplinary procedures relating to low productivity. Using a two-man team we observed the workmen over a period of three days. During this time we caught on camera numerous extended tea-breaks, visits to betting shops during work hours and a range of poor working practices. Our client used this evidence as part of a formal disciplinary hearing.

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