Pegasus Investigations UK, over 20 years experience in computer forensics

Computer forensics UK

Across Edinburgh we:

  • Recover your data
  • Provide evidence of misuse, often related to pornography and extremism
  • Uncover theft of your intellectual property
  • Prevent evidence of harassment and bullying

The digital evidence given to you on completion of the investigation will be authentic and reliably obtained meaning that it is admissible in court if required.

Use computer forensics to protect yourself and your business

Employee misuse of company email and internet is a fact of life.  But excessive misuse wastes times, can harm your company reputation and leave you vulnerable to legal proceedings.

If you suspect misuse of computer equipment or theft of intellectual property including employees planning to leave and take your customers with them we can provide an investigator service that is discrete and causes minimum disruption.  In addition to a computer forensics service we can also provide surveillance where necessary and as part of an overall fraud investigation.  The data gained can be used as part of a disciplinary hearing, employment tribunal or criminal prosecution.

We are members of the Association of British Investigators which is recognised by the Law Society of Scotland.  This is your guarantee that throughout every investigation  experts employed will adhere to the highest professional standards.