Pegasus Investigations, Investigating fraud for over 20 years

Fraud Investigator Scotland and UK

Benefit from the experience our fraud investigators have gained from more than 10 years on the job.  Working with local businesses troubled with employee sickness and absenteeism to providing the big insurance companies with evidence of car insurance fraud we can uncover and present evidence of fraud within your business.

4 signs of possible fraud

  • Employees continually working after hours, over weekends and taking work home
  • Employees not taking holidays
  • Important files or documents repeatedly misfiled or go missing
  • Bank deposits frequently lower than expected

Fraud is just a likely to take place in small companies as in large corporations, sometimes more so because as the owner you feel supported by a small trusted team.  It is those we trust who can take the most from us.

What can I expect?

An investigator will meet with you to discuss your concerns and suggest a plan that takes in to account your objectives and budget.  Fraud investigations can be conducted in two ways – discretely or overtly.  A discrete investigation will take place with the minimum of fuss and disruption to your business.  During an overt investigation your investigator will deliberately makes his presence and purpose known.  This can act as an effective deterrent against fraud in the future.  An overt investigation lets your employees know that you take protection of your company seriously.  As part of the fraud investigation we can provide surveillance and computer forensics to recover data that may have been deliberately deleted.

On completion of the investigation you will be presented with evidence that can be used as part of a disciplinary process or in court if required.

The fraud investigation team are members of the Association of British Investigators, the only investigative body endorsed by the Law Society of Scotland.  This is your guarantee that if you suspect fraudulent activity within your business that your investigator is fully capable of uncovering it.