How do you find someone? Pegasus Investigations Tracing Agents UK

Finding missing persons Scotland and UK
Using a variety of free and paid for online services you can:

  • Trace an address
  • Perform a people trace
  • Trace a person

Using social media platforms can be effective as can the phone book, electoral roll and local registrars.  There are also a number of online services available for a fee, these services may provide additional guidance on how to trace someone.

Tracing people with a private detective

As private detectives we take our tracing and people finding service very seriously.  Firstly we will ascertain why you are keen to find that person – is it for debt recovery, asset reunification or to find relatives or long lost friends?

A professional tracing service saves time

We find people faster because we have access to databases not available to the general public.  The databases we use are more accurate and up to date than those available in the public domain.   We know how to trace someone through our Consumer Credit License which is particularly helpful when locating bad debtors.

Experts at finding people across the UK

We have a 90% success rate.  In addition to database searches we review mobile phone and bank activity and credit card applications.   Once located and when required we can make contact with the missing person on your behalf.  With over 10 years in the industry we find people quickly and efficiently.

Based in Edinburgh we bring in depth knowledge to searches for missing people in the local area.  We can provide surveillance of friends and family and where necessary conduct physical searches of Edinburgh’s city streets.

We are members of the Institute of Professional Investigators and adhere to a strict code of professional conduct.  We are also members of the Association of British Investigators the only detective body endorsed by the Law Society of Scotland.

Call us on 0131 272 2766 for a professional tracing and people finding service.  We have access to accurate and up to date information not available in the public domain and the investigative experience and knowledge of Edinburgh to save you time and money.